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Asif Aziz

Asif Aziz is a London-based businessman and philanthropist. He is CEO of Criterion Capital Ltd.

Asif Aziz's Bio:

Asif Aziz is the chief executive officer of Criterion Capital Limited, a leading property investment company, managing and developing commercial real estate in London on behalf of its clients. The firm focuses on (a) residential developments in Greater London, with c. 2000 apartments constructed or in progress, and (b) commercial property investments in “Tourist London”, generating growth through active property management, to improve cash flows and accelerate value creation.

Its portfolio under management includes some of the capital’s most recognisable landmarks, such as the London Trocadero, the London Pavilion and the Criterion Buildings in Piccadilly, the Flagship Burberry Building in Knightsbridge, the YMCA in Tottenham Court Road and many other substantial London properties.

CEO Asif Aziz has a proven track record and an in-depth understanding of the London retail and leisure real estate market. His primary skill is in stock selection and creating value for his clients through active asset management.

Asif is also one of the UK’s leading philanthropists, supporting a range of education-based charitable ventures that provide the greatest impact to communities, including Camfed, the Next Step Foundation, Seeing is Believing and Thokomala. He established and has been the sole funder of The Mosaic Futures Primary School Mentoring Programme since its inception, which aims to provide positive role models for young girls growing up in the UK’s most deprived communities and to encourage the active support of mothers in their daughters’ education and careers.

Born in Malawi in 1967, he moved to London at the age of ten, graduating from the British American College London with a business baccalaureate.

Asif Aziz's Experience:

  • Chief Executive Officer at Criterion Capital Ltd

Asif Aziz's Education:

  • British American College London


Asif Aziz's Interests & Activities:

Business, Economics, Property, Retail, Charities, Education, Philanthropy

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